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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nail Cross Necklace

Nail Cross Necklace

At my new job I found a package of kits to make a nail cross, but after trying to put one together I thought it was ridiculous (I believe they may have been oriental trading kits, but am not sure)  So I took it home to play with and figured out my own version!  Here it is!  

Wire (one piece about 15 “ and one piece about 6”)
“Nails” (one larger and one smaller)

Step 1:
Put smaller cross across the larger cross, take
Your piece of wire and (leaving a little tail) cross over
Diagonally about 5 times.

Step 2
Cross over other direction (making an X)
Wrap around 5 times
End in back with your “tail”
Twist your two “tails” together, cut and tuck
Into edge.

Step 3
Take your 6” piece of wire  and
Leaving a loop at the top, twist the rest together

Step 4
Starting with the loop in the back
Wrap it around the top of the cross
Ending in the back (tuck if you can)
(The twists should make it look like the
Crown of thorns)
There is a loop in the back, just hard to see in this picture

Step 5
Put your cording through the loop you left
At the top of the cross and tie off at desired

Sorry for the not so great pictures - trying to take pictures while holding it steady wasn't easy at times!

I don't think this craft would be suitable for little kids.  If your child is pretty crafty and dexterous, give it a try - otherwise I would save it for the older kids!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Starting a new job

I have a few days left of my current job as a medical lab tech at a wonderful independent laboratory with a great boss who completely understood my needs for having my children come first (and who has been unbelievably patient in this illness ridden winter!)

When we got told we were being closed down, I didn't think I would find any place that would want to hire someone who only wants to work when they want to work - I even had my doubts about finding a job at a grocery store or fast food place that would put up with me.

But a small comment that I made while volunteering at my church while the kids are in faith formation changed all that.  This is my 2nd year volunteering in the faith formation office while the kids are in class.  After I asked the coordinator how one of her coworkers was feeling and finding out they are still having some medical issues. I made the comment jokingly "I'm looking for a part-time job while the kids are in school"  And that changed everything.

The coordinator said "Really?!  What kind of hours are you looking for?"  I said that I would love something that is 3 - 4 days a week while the kids are in school, so from basically 9 -3.  She was excited and said that she would love to hire me, she just had to check with Sister and Father.   She called me a couple days later and offered me the position!  I can tell her the week before how many days the following week I can come in and she will have enough work prepared for me!

She said they totally understand that since it is not in my field that if I should find another job that would be fine.  (My husband is afraid that I'm not going to look anywhere else though - he thinks I will love the job - and only afraid because it is quite a bit less that what my 'potential' pay could be)

So while I have been completely sad at my current job, watching the other techs leave for jobs at the hospital one by one, I am nervously excited as I embark on a new job next week!  

Wish me luck!  (And say a prayer for me!)